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Is it okay to kill one person to save multiple lives?

In the Book justice a scenario was layed out where a group of men were on a boat. The group of men were out of food and water. They were all going to die of starvation. A younger man drank sea water and was doomed to die after he was warned not to. Is it okay to kill and eat the young man inorder to save the group?


Online debate

Do we owe an “i’m sorry” for older generations mistakes?



Date:  November 12

Title: Clean Tech

Pages: 101-148

This chapter was on wind power. It was interesting but im not sure it was any help to my project. A few of the big points in the chapter were about improving affectivness of the wind farms, the global view, and the money being made.

The improvement was most interesting because they explained how traditionally the way to expand wind power and improve its effenciecy was to build more wind turbines. A fascinating point they made was that when the wind is too strong or shifting directions the farms shut down to prevent damage to the structures. Most wind engines run on one gear, the propeller turns the gear which turns the engine which makes electricity. Damage can happen when the propellar rotates to fast. The current affecrtiveness of the farms are being improved by multiple gears. In high winds they will not have to shut down. I researched what they are doing with the gears because i didnt quite understand it from the book, and it is pretty much the same thing as a car. If you imagine speed as electricity and the gears are gears. In a car the higher your gear the faster the car goes, but at the same time, it takes alot of power to turn the high gear into speed. If there is a  high gear in a wind generator and it is turned there will be more electricity. To turn the higher gear there needs to be alot of power, this power would be the violent wind speeds.

For a global view, india and china are using wind power by taking advantage of the monsoons. By placing wind farms in the path of the monsoons they are beginning to harnise the emence power of them.

Colorado was the origin displaing that wind power can be a successful buisness. When hurricane katrina happened prices jumped for gas and electricity. The consumers switched their power sources when they found out that “Southwest wind power” offered lower and fixed rate prices. Wind power currently has a waiting list of locations who want to use its power.

book post

pages: 46-100

title: clean tech


in these pages there were 3 sections with the “solar” chapter. these sections being ” the big business of small”, “the power of finance” and ” the developing world: lighting up with solar”

the big business of small: this was on nano technology. They explain how small it is. To put it in perspective they compare the new solar films being designed as 1-100 nanometers, then explain the thickness of a human hair is 50,000 to  100,000 nanometers thick. The purpose for having such small solar technology is to implant them in the skins or paints of electronic devices. It explained how the technologies will be seen in the skin of phones, Ipods, cars, busses, planes, anything that uses energy. As these  materials use energy their battery is depleted and continuously needs to be charged. The nano technology can be implanted to create for longer use or even use that they explain as “forever use”. The devices can be so efficient that they can replace the same amount of energy being used.

The power of finance: In the beginning of  photovolactic technology the construction was so expensive that when factored into the selling price of the electricity the price per watt was 32 dollars. As time progressed so did the effectively of the energy. In order to compete with oil and coal energy, the prices of solar energy had to decrease. With the an advancement and improved efficiency the price dropped to 3 dollars per watt. Business became aware of how much they could save by investing in their own solar panels. Cutting 7% of an annual cost saved companies a lot of money in the long run. With the investments and new funds the solar energies were able to develop even more. This section was pretty dry because it was mainly the history of solar energy and how their finances got to where they are now.


The Developing world: lighting up with solar: This section explains OPEC some more and how most of the countries are developing countries and how the governments of these countries drive up the prices of  oil. The rest of the country lives in poverty though. They are under the thumb of the government too. They need diesel for their generators and kerosene for their lights and stoves. A program called Solar Electric LIght Fund has replaced the need for gas with solar energy. With the energy they helped automated water pumping, internet connections, small businesses clustered under a solar roof. Places where people who did not have the funds to have electricity now have lightbulbs and even cooling in their homes. Those people who purchase the electricity from government are now off the grid, self-sufficient.

I really liked the last section about the developing world. It showed how much the energy could help a community, state, or nation. It improved the lives of the people. People who weren’t concerned about having a tv but keeping themselves healthy. The electricity took some of that worry off of their shoulders. The automated water pumps had me thinking about my project and how maybe i could make something automated from solar energy to help our  environment.


title: clean tech

pages: 1-45

date: 10/29/10

The first 30 pages of this book were about the need for new energy. A few of the big reasons it said were to stop funding NATO. The majority of NATO  nations are developing countries who we do not have good relations with. The author makes a somewhat distant connection between the death of our troops and the gas we put in our tanks. We buy gas, and our money goes to the gas company which is exported to the opposing country for their oil, then the opposing countrie’s government funds their troops and a larger mortality rate for the United States. I thought it was far-fetched. Another thing within that claim was the economy. We spend too much money for oil when we could keep that money within our country and creat new jobs by expanding the clean energy revolution. The introduction finishes by explaining that it is not our problem, but the worlds problem, and we all need to take part in the clean technology revolution. He says even though china is a potential threat to us as a nation their emissions are a bigger threat to everyone. If we help them in the revolution it will help the whole world and possible help the relations between their country and ours. My reaction to this was somewhat the same as the war thing, but i do see what he is getting at. I am sceptical about it solving relations between china and us or that it will help the entire world, but i do agree that solving the energy crisis in china is a necessary action. After the introduction of sort, he begins solar energy with some statistics. I was surprised as to how little it supplies us and how high the potential is. He claims that state of Arizona could supply 80% of the country with electricity if the open lands were made into solar plants. The point of the book that i am at now is going into how much the solar energy business is expanding around the world and the united states.

solar energy

The thin and efficient solar panels are being developed by Photovoltaics who are being funded by the U.S. department of energy. Photovoltaics are a part of the Solar Energy Technologies Program (SETP). The big picture is that within the SETP there are many different researches and programs developing ways to collect solar energy. The next main thing they do is promote solar energy to communities, cities, businesses, and the government. They are making it simple for the people, low maintenance, low cost, and effective. In their web site they have they have some intriguing facts about the program and what it could do for the nation. One being the improvement of the economy, by putting an estimated 250,000 new jobs for the solar industry and lessening the lessening the need for outside resources/energy.  The solar energy will reduce pollution, promoting more healthy people in densely populated areas. They estimated by 2030 carbon emissions will be reduced by 23 million tons per year. A few of their goals they posted for 2008-2012 I think will be interesting if they pull it off. One of them was to improve the storing capacity, or the ability to store the electricity captured by solar panels. The next one, a better electric grid in cities for the solar power. The last goal that stood out to me was to help the U.S. become the leading solar power user in the world.

30 sources


h0w bioforests regulate carbon


wal-mart using thin film solar panels


the advancement of wind energy by dow


how to collect solar heat. not solar panels


the restoration of the everglades.


impact of cars on environment


law of california on emissions


how realistic is e-85 ethanol


ford using renewable energies


NASA developing hybrid jets.


electric cars vs gasoline powered cars


what are? what is the purpose of green buildings?


Offsetting greenhouse gasses


a bunch of articles and reasons and how to’s on solar energy


tips on schools and jobs of environmental engineering. A lot of articles on what they have done


video of wind energy in europe and its affects on the people/ economy


energy stocks. who is investing, why?


the concentration of solar power. (mirrors)


super thin and productive solar film


where and how to place solar plants.


tesla roadster: fast electric car.

22) magazine: wired. page 141 – 151

technologies used in the tesla company. how they developed it


the era of electric cars is coming


using hydrogen and electric power in homes/ buildings


a company promoting green energy . how they do it

26)  title: taking sides. clashing views on controversial environmental issues/ Author: Easton Thomas A.

multiple view points of leading environmentalists and scientists in a debate form, involving environmental issues

27) Title: Handbook of energy efficiency and renewable energy/ Author: Krieth Frank

global energy system, economics with energy, industrial efficiency, heating, cooling, distribution

28) Title: Gaiam real goods solar l iving sourcebook/ Author Schaeffer John

solar energy, equipment and supplies,where, balancing the energy scale

29)Title: environmental study: upper south platte unit, mount evans/ Author:United states Bureau of Reclamation

missouri river, South platte river. water resources

30)Title: the art of natural building/ Author: Kennedy Joseph F, Smith Michael G, Wanek Catherine

building materials, environmental engineering buildings, design and construction

I’m thinking my project format will be to design something that will help make helping the environment convenient for the school. Along with a photo essay, of different pictures showing what is wrong with the environment and what it could be. The photo essay will be more of a convincing  attempt that an informative. If the pictures illustrate the need to help the environment and the thing I will make, makes it easy to help, people will be more likely to help the environment. I want to take pictures of the dirt in the front of the school and if i can get a picture of the energy bill of the school I think that would be very motivational to help. Then i would get pictures other schools whose environment is much more healthy than ours. Maybe get their energy bill and compare it to ours. My project will not be like the movie “an inconvenient truth”. I am going to show the concern and the need to change the environment around our school, then give our school the option to help. instead of just convincing people to act on the environment, which in most cases does not work because people do not know where to start. if I take the first couple steps, then people can with the option given to them.

I am choosing this project because of  my growing interest in the area. I would like to make a difference in our environment. I probably wont solve global warming but I would like to help us take a small step towards a more healthy world.

I can not make a difference alone. I will need the help of fellow students and maybe or eventually the community. Everybody has heard of pollution and global warming. Many people have also heard of “going green”. I’m sure that the majority of the student body cares about the broad subject of global warming. With that said, i think a presentation to any of the of the student body would be accepted. But i want to present to students who are more outgoing and,  more probable to take action, and have a stronger, more credible voice in the eyes of the principal. I want my project to be successful, not just a grade. My audience is important because they will play the biggest role in making the project successful. There will be expenses and maybe manual labor. I think the project will be fairly cheap. With the majority of the school pretty well of financially wise, small fundraiser or two should cover the costs.

My reason for choosing students as my audience is because i think our younger generation would be more likely to take initiative if they are being influenced by someone their own age. An adult talking to students about the environment could be boring.If one person takes the initiative and shows the concern, then other people can follow this persons footsteps.

I think some of the biases i would have to overcome would be that people would not want to be seen as a “tree hugger” or somebody who is obsessively concerned about the environment. Many of the environmentalists are portrayed in movies, cartoons, tv shows as people who are out of the norm and do not fit the description of society. I’m not entirely sure how to do this but i think explaining my project and that it is on a small-scale and that we would be doing our schools part to help the environment will over come this. Also making it personal by saying it is our schools environment we are helping will convey it as our concerns rather than the environment’s. The school belongs to the students, so getting them to help something that belongs to them will not be as hard as convincing people to save the worlds environment.

My topic

My topic and project will be on environmental engineering. When i go to college i would like go to get a degree in this area. I am concerned about the environment and  i like technical things. environmental engineering is technology that has a positive effect on the environment.

For my project i would like to help the environment in our community or around the school. I think people would be very accepting of my project. Global warming is a universal problem and many people care about the issue, but do not take action. With my project i would like to convince people to take action or make it convenient to make a difference. My annotated bib post about the “greenaid” was a really unique idea and i would like to do something similar.

At our school we have a pretty big field in front of the school that is all dirt. If i could incorporate that into my project by fixing the field, i think it would be a successful project. A few of my ideas would to put solar panels there to help with the energy of the school, or to raise money for grass that does not need much water, or maybe to dedicate  a certain amount of space to each graduating student for their choice of  plant. My goal is to make a difference around our school or have our school make a difference. Last year, one of the three lights in each ceiling panel was turned off. That solution is pretty low tech but probably very helpful. If i help the environment of the school another option could be to lower our carbon footprint.

With my sources and readings i think i can find the most effective way to help our school, community, and/or environment.